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    Into the free new world

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  • Cosi Life

    Simple, social, connected.

    Think of your ideal lifestyle. At home, you pursue it with routines that don’t waste your time, fun that doesn’t waste your money, and a social life supported by experiences more than things.

    Why should travel be different? COSI uses innovative design and smart tech so you can wait less, experience more, and spend on what’s important. Come to COSI, bring a good friend or two (and your smartphone of course!), and see how we can change your travel experience.

    It’s smart from start to finish.

    A fully smart phone-integrated hotel gives you the freedom to stay your own way. There’s mobile and self check-in and out which is as easy as using an ATM. There’s no marble reception counter or chandeliers. But there’s top notch Wi-Fi and technology that enables you to be connected at all times.

    It’s social. It’s simple. Just imagine a minimalist-mod friend’s house.

    It’s about fun and freedom.

    The lifestyle HUB is all yours to lounge around in 24/7. The digital playspace is designed for relaxing, watching the game or a movie and connecting with friends. The integrated WYSIWYG Café has fresh food and chilled drinks and you can enjoy them any time with your free daily credit.

    When you’re ready to go out, hit the COSI crew up for ideas. Like you, they’re a bunch of friendly and tech-savvy people with a knack for finding the coolest hotspots and making the most out of travelling.

    The hi-tech, no-nonsense COSI room.

    It’s 18 square metres of modern comfort. Mega-comfy King or twin beds, USB ports so you don’t have to mess with adaptors to charge your devices, and a Smart TV that can mirror your smartphone screen so you can catch-up on your latest Netflix boxset or edit your coolest holiday snaps on the 43” screen.