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    Travelling shouldn’t just be an experience – it should be your very own experience

    We travel to roam free and experience the world, but how much freedom do we enjoy when travelling? Too often we find ourselves stuck in queues, caged inside boring walls and forced to conform to a concept of service that is out of touch with our world.

    Does the typical hotel seem in a different era than your lifestyle? We get it. Where you stay should be more fuss-free. It should support the way you travel, the way you live.

    Our name is COSI and we set out to create a hotel for the modern, youthful-minded and tech-savvy traveller. Think of all the traditional hotel amenities. If you said, “I wouldn’t pay for that…” we took it out. If you said “…but I wish they had…” we probably put it in. We changed COSI from a place to stay to a place to live.

    We’re your affordable travel base, home page, recharge dock and social hub. You’ll get everything you need to bring your lifestyle to your destination. And we’ll be showing up in the destinations you want to visit.

    Since freedom is having choices, that’s what you’ll get.

    You’re free to choose how and when to check in (no queues), what time to grab a drink or a bite, what to stream on your TV, and how to enjoy our social hangouts.

    Keep in touch with your world while you’re out there enjoying new experiences. When you stay at COSI, you’ll never be disconnected.

    It’s going to be liberating.